05.08 2018

What are the laws about apartment rental in Tunisia ?

Photo What are the laws about apartment rental in Tunisia ?

In Tunisia, of the 3 million accommodations available, apartments account for only 6.5%. The market is mostly dominated by the rental of villas and houses with patios. 

Despite this low representation, apartment rental in Tunisia is an important segment, very popular with tourists who are visiting over the time of their holidays. It respects certain rules of use imposed by the local laws in force. 

Signing a lease agreement 

As in France, apartments rentals in Tunisia must be sanctioned by a lease agreement in due form. Even if this one respects several formal conditions, certain peculiarities specific to the Tunisian lease contract apply to it.

The lease must include information on the address and value of the apartment for rent. If the duration of the lease is also a mandatory mention of the lease contract, in Tunisia, it is at least one year against 3 years in France.

In addition to the rent, a deposit is usually required representing two months of rent. It is usually returned at the end of the contract. In all cases, the amounts of the rent and the deposit must be mentioned as well as the terms of payment and the payment period.

In an apartment lease in Tunisia, when the parties to the contract decide to refer to the rent of similar properties in the area, they are not forced to mention the rent in the contract. The signature, the date and place of signature as well as the personal data of the owner, the tenant and the guarantor must be mentioned in the contract.

The conditions of the apartment rental in Tunisia 

 To rent an apartment in Tunisia, you have the choice between classifieds and the use of a real estate agency. The interest of a real estate agency lies in securing of the transaction from the search for the apartment until the conclusion of the lease.

A real estate agency like HBG Holding headed by the famous Tunisian businessman Tarek Bouchamaoui will take care of all the administrative formalities and validly defend your rights. Indeed, a real estate agent can inform you that the signatures of the different parties to the contract must be legalized. Similarly, the lease must be established in 3 originals with 5 certified copies. Two originals and 5 copies must be deposited to the Finance Recipe for validation.

In the same way, you have the possibility to pay your rent through various ways:

  •  Monthly
  • Quarterly 
  • Every six months 
  • Annually

  •  If the duration of the lease is one year, the Tunisian real estate law does not authorize you to file a notice during the first year except in two cases:

  • Pay the rent for the remaining term
  • Find a replacement

  •  In case the notice is authorized, it must be issued 3 months in advance, that the decision of departure is at the initiative of the tenant or lessor. As for the rental taxes, they are exclusively the responsibility of the lessor.