Rental in Tunisia : market prices

Rental in Tunisia : market prices

Tunisia is a prominent destination for tourists, but also for investors. Many foreigners are in demand for expatriate status because of the beauty and opportunities of this country. To settle there, the rental property is very much sought after. For locals, rental in Tunisia is still a very good investment in the face of the explosion of tourism. To live or to spend holidays in Tunisia is very advantageous. It is for this reason that many foreigners settle there with their family during their stays. The cost of living is 50% cheaper than in France and especially compared to other tourist regions of North Africa.

Rental in the city center in Tunisia

Rental in the city center is very popular with an expatriate population. Real estate rental in Tunisia is 75% cheaper than in Europe, which makes it special. The purchase of a monthly rent for an apartment in the heart of the city of Tunisia is very affordable.

We can count from 200 euros to 350 euros for a spacious F2 with everything you need. Similarly for the purchase of real estate property which is highly sought after Tunisians living abroad, but also expatriates. In fact, everything depends on the location and the period for rental in Tunisia.

Do not forget that this country is very popular with tourists, they are thousands to come every year. For a furnished studio, the monthly rent is around 60 euros and can go up to 80 euros per month. A real bargain!

The real estate market in Tunisia

In Tunisia, the real estate market is gradually recovering its stability after the crisis in Europe. Foreign buyers are coming back and demanding a more reassuring market.

Real estate agencies are flourishing. If there were about 100 real estate development companies in the late 1980s, there are now thousands. When referring to foreign buyers, this indicates Tunisians residing abroad.

Formalities in Tunisia involve obtaining the "authorization of the governor" for the acquisition of real estate. As for other nationalities, a plan is being created to facilitate this acquisition in due form. There are many requests for slow turnaround time. The formalities require patience.

Tarek Bouchamaoui, Director of one of the biggest holdings in Tunisia, presents the most beautiful residences and real estates of all Tunisia. Many foreigners and local use its service for all that is acquisition real estate, which is convenient for the formalities and also for the choice of good.

Tunisian potential

Real estate in Tunisia lows records compared to its neighboring countries. There are many reasons to invest in real estate in this country because the square meter is very interesting. It is a very attractive place where life is good and especially do not forget that the cost of living is cheaper than in Europe. On average, the price per square meter varies between 700 and 2,000 euros.

According to Tarek Bouchamaoui, CEO of the HBG Group, ( there are several residential neighborhoods with villas or apartments with a very competitive price per square meter.